Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jihad Drama: ISIS Fighter Explains The Breakup Between ISIS & Al Nusra

From left to right fighters Nusra, ISIS & Islamic Front

So I joined Jihad in syria to defend Islam and the religion of Allah against the enemies of Allah. To make the word of Allah the highest.
When I arrived in Syria it was clear that people were unfortunately ignorant about the deen. But I knew that there was a group names Jabhatal Nusra which I wanted to join at that time because everyone know it was under command of the Islamic state of Iraq a group I admired since my first days in islam .

Then when I joined J Nusra at the beggining they were clearly on Haq they were opening mahkamatu shar'yia and ruling with the word of Allah and they were the first row in the fight agaisnt the kuffar .

But it was under the command of the Sheikh abi bakr al baghdadi year 2012-2013 , then everything was in order no nifaaq and not pleasing people for the Maslaha like they now do.

I was then noticing the amount of lies people were forging on the jam'ah from the day one they implemented Allah's law the people started lying and exageration facts without a single proof.

People were saying , those ones are killing out women raping womans killing childrens . They even accused us of being the regime in aleppo at the Eye's hospital like they now do with ISIS.
One of the commanders was Abu Omar shar'y Rahima ullah ( from ISI at the time )
He was killed by the FSA on an assault of the sharia court because he started the operations on Hassan jazara's mafia and they were cursing Allah frequently and leading a prostitution network and more.
At that time it was becoming clear in my head that many the munafiqeen (FSA) didn't accept sharia's implementation at all.
Then happened the betrayal of Jawlani to his Amir, where he hid behind al zawahiri to keep his power and his position among the JN.
After that situation 80% of the muhajireen left JN and joined ISIS , from that exact moment the group started becoming wierd and Irjaa started to infest the head of the members of the front.

They were hiding behind the excuse of reputation of the group and Maslaha to even ally with murtadoon in the fight agaisnt other murtadoon and kuffar of the criminal regime.

From that moment I started critisising the actions the group were doing but in secret , they use to tell me . Just listen to Abu Sulayman and his speach and ayman al zawahiri no one else... But i found it naive and blind followers .
When the Dogs of the SRF and other apostates like them attacked ISIS it all became confirmed for me and other member of Jawlani front,the fact that JN is completely tolerating any murder of ISIS member and even rape of Sisters without defending them at ALL. When I used to complain about it to my commander he used to say , they looked for it by provoking the JI and FSA . My heart was aching and I felt hypocrit to stay in the row of such cold blooded people that only care about themselves and are willing to corrupt the a'queedah to please the hypocrites and some murtadeen which they even make takfir of jamaal marouf ( May Allah kill him soon ameen)

When I used to bring proof about the rape of sisters and many more crimes agaisnt muslims they used to either deny it or ask for 10 million proof.
When I used to bring proof about ahrar al sham receiving weapons from turkey in front of our face they used to tell me to mind my business or call me a liar.
So I became really angry and threats were starting to fall on me .
Then I left JN before the JN engaging in fights with ISIS .
I did what I can .
I encourage any sane and honest person that came for the word and the religion of Allah to join the Islamic state for it is wajib to unite under one banner and one commander.
Oh brothers dont listen to those liars that claim ISIS are khawarij , all those people lying never bring any proof its only talking and forging lies to justify its own actions. Khawarij cannot hold an area and rule sharia there . They would kill everyone for a small sin like the real khawarij are supposed to do , those people consider any Sin like drinking alcohol as disbeleif , ISIS never did that I used to visit their mahkama in atma or ad dana and I saw the truth by myself

People listen too much to american biased and sponsored medias and people are too naive.

This whole fight agaisnt ISIS is a plot agaisnt it to block muslim to have a safe haven to rule with islam and make pay the hard prices to the arab murtadeen dictators.

Dont be Stubborn Fear Allah repent and join ISIS do not die a death on jahiliya.

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