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Sunday, March 8, 2015

ISIS Fighter`s Tales From The ISIS Terrorist Recovery Ward

(Dawlah Health Service) 

One thing I really love about my brothers in jihad especially those who are dedicated in looking after the injured and sick is that when they do so they do as ibadah. 

SubhanAllah, they don't see it as a chore, or favor but as worship and you can see it in them that when they come to help you its pure genuine help for the sake of Allah. 

I once witnessed an argument between two brothers, walahi I felt so bad that the mujahideen were arguing like this and I was witnessing it, I asked another brother why they are acting like this as it aint good.

He then explained as to why they were arguing and walahi my iman increased and my love for them grew. They were arguing as one of the brothers was sneaking around helping the injured brothers and the other brother was upset that the other one was getting the ajr.

It sounds like im making it up but this was the reality, this one brother who caused the "fitna" i see him all the time he goes round to all the brothers checking if everyone is ok and you see him massaging the injured brothers, treating them, helping them and then the brother who is meant to be treating comes at his appointed time to help but finds everything done. 

Sometimes you see this brother, he sleeps at the foot of the beds on the floor, just wanting to be there as soon as anyone needs help, sometimes they look so uncomfortable but they so adamant that they help even if it means sacrificing their comfort.

When you witness it, its seems funny but walahi these brothers are serious, they do it as ibadah and they see each other steeling each other's opportunity of gaining reward.

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