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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Peshmerga Take Out ISIS SVBIED With Milan Anti Tank Missiles (With English Translation Text)

Peshmerga Forces use a Milan Anti Tank missile to destroy an ISIS suicide boneheaded for peshmerga positions. These brave men demonstrate immense courage and skill in this video.

A small group of peshmerga soldiers were sent to Germany to train on the Milan ATGM system. Based on the video above the training went very well.

English Translation of the video:

Use the MILAN, it's coming..
It's approaching here!
It's a truck they built themselves
(First MILAN shot fired)
The MILAN is on it's way!
(Hits, but it doesn't effect the SVBIED)
It stopped
No, walla it's still coming
Come over here and watch, here you can see it's approaching
(Second MILAN shot fired)
Why don't they hit it?
Walla they hit it's front!
Nothing happened to it
(SVBIED stops)
It stopped! He stopped it! (Celebrating)
Hit it again, thank you! (Another MILAN shot fired)
He hit it's front/roof!
Did it collapse?
It's starting to catch fire
(Another MILAN shot fired, explodes)
It exploded!
Long live Peshmerga!
I filmed it so well

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