Friday, January 2, 2015

Peshmerga Launch Large Scale Offensive

Kurdish Peshmerga forces launched a large scale operation south of the Kurdish Capital of Erbil on December 31, 2014 according to BASNEWS. The large scale ground offensive was aimed at pushing the Islamic State militants further away from Erbil and Isolating them in Mosul while cutting off surrounding roads and passages.

The offensive is being coordinated with US air assets in the area and fought on the ground along with local Arab tribes who also want to rid themselves of the ISIS terrorists who have plagued the area recently. The Peshmerga forces advanced today in Makhmour and Gwer and succeeded in pushing the ISIS militants 60 km south of Erbil now. Meanwhile they were able to retake complete control of Duizat, Xaro and Telshuer. Counter IED teams embedded with the Peshmerga cleared and dismanteled thousands of IED'S South of Rabi and North of Sinjar.

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