Friday, January 2, 2015

ISIS Carries Out More Cruel Public Punishments

This week ISIS militants and their Hesbah secret police carried out public punishments across Syria according to their extremist interpretation of sharia law. The punishments were carried out in public as citizens and children are forced to come out and watch the atrocities.

On the outskirts of the Syrian city of Damascus 3 young men in their 20`s were whipped in public for consuming a illegal substance. They were found to be in possession of marijuana and cigarettes. After the militants whipped the men they labeled as drug addicts they set the marijuana and cigarettes they confiscated on fire.

In Raqqa, Syria the Islamic State defacto capital another man was publicly flogged for the offense of watching pornography. Meanwhile two other men also in Raqqa were convicted of bearing false witness and forced to stand on public street corners tied up in mock crucifixions wearing signs stating their crimes.

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