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Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 110: Kurds Continue to Resist ISIS Invasion

Today it is January 2nd 2015 but in Kobane it is the 110th day of a brutal resistance against an Invasion from the Savage terrorists of ISIS. The Islamic State started their invasion of Kobane in early September using Armor, Tanks and heavy weapons seized from the Iraqi Army. At one point they had quickly taken 90% of Kobane and it appeared that the fall of the city was imminent.

Now 110 days later Kobane has turned into ISIS Stalingrad. The Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) and their female commander have taken the initiative and pushed back the terrorists. With the assistance of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and their artillery and the US air strikes the Kurds now control 70% of Kobane.

Since yesterday the US has carried out 16 air strikes in Kobane and killed dozens of ISIS fighters. That brings the total US air strikes since the start of the battle in Kobane to 433. These 433 air strikes have resulted in over 1400 ISIS fighters eliminated. Reports this morning from YPG fighters on the ground have stated that 24 ISIS terrorists have been killed today alone. At 7am this morning ISIS attempted to launch a suicide attack using a VBIED, the attack was thwarted by YPG fighters and the vehicle was destroyed before it could inflict any casualties on the Kurdish men and women in the area.

Fighting raged on today on the eastern and western fronts of Kobane as the YPG continued its push. Shelling from heavy machine guns and mortar rounds was heard coming from both sides on the western front. On the eastern front the YPG was able to clear a strategic area clearing 2 streets between the main Kobane water tank and the extremely strategic Mishtenur hill southeast of Kobane.

Also today in Kobane it was confirmed by both the YPG and ISIS that their most influential and spiritual leader Othman Al Nazih was killed in fighting today in Kobane. Before becoming a full time terrorist Nazih was a professor at the King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia. He was fired from his position in the University due to suspicion that he was a member of Al Qaeda.

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