Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kobane Day 116: Fresh ISIS Attacks Despite YPG Advances

Fighter From Womens Defense Forces (YPJ)in Kobane

On day 116 in Kobane Kurdish forces continued their offensive to push ISIS out of Kobane. Despite their advances the ISIS militants launched fresh attacks and continued to reinforce their lines with fresh fighters which questions the fact that the YPG had cut their supply routes.

Fresh groups of battle hardened Chechen fighters arrived to replace worn out ISIS fighters in Kobane. Many of the dead photos of ISIS fighters this far have appeared to be of young and presumably inexperienced militants. Their more experienced replacements lead us to believe they want to hold onto the territory they control.

YPG forces led an assault on the black school (Mekteba Resh) in eastern Kobane. Kurdish fighters claimed the attack resulted in the deaths of two ISIS fighters. Minor clashes near the school continued into the morning. At this time casualty figures on the Kurdish side are unknown.

 YPJ and YPG forces carried out an operation against ISIS in Rehaniye, 25 kilometers south Serêkaniyê. The YPG claimed that the operation was a success and flushed out the remaining ISIS members that occupied the village. The fighting also resulted in the destruction of 3 ISIS vehicles and left 3 ISIS fighters dead.

Meanwhile ISIS launched new attacks in western Kobane using suicide bombers and artillery to open up Kurdish lines followed by a wave of fighters. These assaults were repelled by Kurdish forces which had assistance from above as U.S. forces launched 6 air strikes. These air strikes struck ISIS vehicles and artillery positions crippling their ability to continue their attack.

As the fighting rages on in Kobane Kurdish forces will keep pushing to expel ISIS from their territory. ISIS on the other hand has proven they will not retreat and will continue to deploy men and resources into the fight.

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