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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kobane Day 111: Defeat Of ISIS Within Reach

Female Kurdish Fighter Heads Off To Battle ISIS

Today marks 111 days since ISIS began their assault on Kobane which lies between Turkey and Syria in Western Kurdistan. What started as a imminent take over of the Kurdish territory has turned into one of the bravest stances by an underdog in war pf our lifetime and a true story of good vs evil.

The Kurdish defense forces (ypg/ypj) launched a successful assault to reclaim the industrial zone north east of Kobane. YPG was able to take back complete control of the industrial zone while killing 21 ISIS terrorists as they retreated in the Mistenur area.

As their assault continued on the western edge of the city the YPG was able to push onto the outskirts of Kobane continuing their mission to completely cleanse the Kurdish city of ISIS terrorists. A senior YPG commander announced Friday " We have taken control of the resupply routes that they used and the remaining terrorists in the city are now panicking." This became evident as ISIS continued to deploy more suicide vehicles daily in a last ditch attempt to break the onslaught from the Kurdish forces.

In support of the Kurdish fighters on the ground the U.S. Air Force conducted 16 air strikes within the past 24 hours in and around Kobane. The jets recorded a direct hit on a large ISIS unit killing dozens of ISIS fighters. Further strikes destroyed 4 buildings that ISIS had occupied as well as a tank, fixed fighting positions, artillery and multiple ISIS vehicles per U.S. Central Command.

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