Monday, January 5, 2015

Jihad War Updates Jan 3-5: Africa & Middle East

Somalia: Al Shabaab terrorists launched a suicide car bombing near the international airport in Somalia Sunday. The attack left 6 dead and several wounded. The Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack targeted a convoy of US-trained Somali intelligence forces known as the Alpha Group, Somali police officer Mohamed Hussein told AP news agency. The Somali government didn't immediately state if the dead were civilians or soldiers.

Mali: Militants linked to Al Qaeda launched an attack in the central Mali near the border with Mauritania. The militants attacked an army housing unit killing at least 7.

Al Qaeda militants also attacked Nampala home to the countries largest military installation and took full control of the town for a small time raising there banners over the housing area. An eyewitness said the soldiers that were unable to flee had their throats slit.

The brazen attacks by Al Qaeda militants in the Maghreb desert area has been a major concern not only for the locals but for foreign governments in Europe. This has caused the French government to open a base in Niger to support operations against extremists in the region.

Nigeria: Thousands of people from remote towns in north-eastern Nigeria have begun streaming into the capital of Borno state to seek refuge after Boko Haram seized an army camp in the border village of Baga, the second time the militants have overrun a military base in a week.

They came, many hundreds of them, with guns, trucks and grenades,” said a Baga resident who gave only his first name, Amosun. “They burned all the houses they could reach and set the military base on fire

Fleeing residents said the village on the shores of Lake Chad – where a previous massacre left up to 185 dead – was a smouldering wreck after several hours of fierce fighting was feared to have resulted in many fatalities.

Yemen: AQAP claimed responsibility for a bombing in a mostly Shia district of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital. Local reports said that 4 people were killed and at least 25 were wounded, all civilians as a result of the attack.

Syria/Iraq: Violence raged on across most of Syria and Iraq. This morning ISIS launched an ambush on a Saudi military patrol on the border of Iraq and Saudi Arabia killing 2 soldiers and wounding 2 others. Later in the day a report came out that Saudi Air and ground troops launched attacks on an ISIS base inside of Iraq killing dozens of ISIS troops. This has yet to be confirmed.

Kurdish Forces in Kobane pushed on today claiming to now hold 80% of the city under their control and pushing ISIS further out of the city.

In Jazaa which is located in Hasaka province of Syria ISIS claimed to have killed at least 14 YPG fighters in attacks on the Kurdish controlled area.

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