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Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 113 In Kobane: YPG Controls 80% Of Kobane - Cocaine Found In ISIS Leaders Home

Current Map Of Kobane Courtesy of @desyracuse

113 days ago ISIS was pushing through the outskirts of Kobane and beginning their invasion of the Kurdish territory. They brought there best weapons and resources that they had seized from Iraq, from Howitzers and Tanks to American Bradley Fighting vehicles. Today the militant group is on the edge of defeat and after swiftly taking 90% of the city they have been demoralized and are on the edge of defeat.

According to the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Kobane is now 80% in Kurdish Hands. ISIS is now trying to hold onto the little bit that they still control in the villages on outskirts of the city. As they become more desperate they are increasing suicide attacks hoping to push back the Kurdish Forces. 2 Foreign fighters of the ISIS militant group were confirmed killed today by Kurdish Forces in Kobane. One is a German that goes by the kunya of Abu Jafar Al-Almani and the other is a French citizen that goes by Abu Jundul Al-Faransi.

U.S. Air Strike Today In Kobane

The Kurdish YPG with the support of the Peshmerga and US Air Power retook control of the Security and Government district of Kobane today. This is another key victory for the Kurdish forces as they continue to press on the offensive where as 113 days ago they were simply trying to resist and survive.

As the YPG carried out missions clearing homes that had been occupied by ISIS to remove the mines and IED's left behind they came across some interesting discoveries today. A recent Vice article documented a large amount of Cocaine found in the home that an ISIS leader had Occupied in Kobane before he was killed. The article alludes to the fact that the leader Abu Zahra was giving it to his fighters in order to give them greater courage on the battlefield. This further supports some of the claims previously made by YPG fighters who had said the ISIS fighters that they engaged in close combat looked like they were "drug crazed".

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