Thursday, January 8, 2015

Full Spectrum Affect Of Terrorism

Terrorism and senseless killings has an affect on everyone whether they notice it or not. It affects some in their daily lives without even knowing and others it can ruin their lives. It doesn't only ruin the lives of the families directly affected but also the families of those who carried out the attacks.

The desired affect for the terrorists: The terrorists seek to not only kill and murder but to do exactly what their name entails...TERRORIZE.  They want to disrupt our daily lives and change the way we live them. They aim to make us live in fear and to throw away our freedoms because of the fear.

Terrorism seeks to push governments into changing laws and policy through force rather than democratically. Through these changes they exact a financial blow that affects not only the government but it's citizens as well. Citizens who pray to the same God and come from the same backgrounds as these terrorists. They end up harming the same people they claim to be fighting for.

Who is hurt the most: The victims of terror who lose their lives are hurt the least as they are no longer here to feel the pain.

The most pain is felt by the families of the victims. These are the people that will be forever scarred and who will have to relive these atrocities daily in their minds. On anniversaries and birthdays they will think about the dark day that they lost their loved ones. It's a pain like no other that never goes away.

The families of the people who commit such heinous acts have their lives changed forever as well. They are ostracized by society in some cases their entire communities have to bare the shame that these terrorists have brought upon them. It's sad and it's not fair but it's a harsh and true reality. The people that do these horrible things represent nothing except for evil and hate. They are dark stain on humanity as a whole and fight for nobody except the demons within themselves.

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