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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Syrian Rebels Make Progress in Aleppo Amidst Snow Covered Battle Fields

Opposition and Regime forces heated up their attacks across a snow covered Syria today. In Indleb Province Regime Helicopters pounded portions of Al-Khazzanat camp which is controlled by  rebel forces. The regime continued to use barrel bombs from the sky to hit opposition targets in the neighborhood of Masaken Hanano which is in Eastern Aleppo Province.

Jabhat Al Nusra was on the offensive in Zahra destroying an army building and pounding regime positions with mortars while advancing on Nubbol & Al-Zahra'a vilages in Northern Aleppo. JAN also claimed to have killed 15 regime soldiers when they launched a suicide attack in the same area. The Nubbol and Al-Zahra'a villages are home to a Shiite majority which typically are pro-regime.

Rebel Fighter In Knee Deep Snow, Syria

Also in Aleppo Jahbat Al Nusra (JAN) seized the second roundabout in Nubul from Hezbollah forces and claimed to have killed 8 of their fighters. Meanwhile in Rif Dimashq Province rebel forces launched attacks on regime positions pounding them with mortars in the western mountain of Al Zabadani.

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