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Friday, January 9, 2015

Detailed Report On Coalition Strikes Since Operation Began: 3,222 Targets Hit

Coalition Jets Fly High Above Iraq

The Pentagon Thursday released a full report on the air campaign known as Operation Inherent Resolve. The report included a detailed list of targets destroyed, numbers of sorties flown and numbers of munitions dropped. They noticed that the 184 Humvees destroyed were US Humvees issued to the Iraqi Army. They were not able to identify if the 58 tanks destroyed were US tanks operated by the Iraqi army or tanks ISIS had seized in Syria.

Some of the tanks were destroyed while parked or hidden and others were destroyed during combat. The boats that were destroyed via Coalition air strikes were used by ISIS to ferry equipment and supplies across the Euphrates River.

A captured ISIS commander being held by Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq spoke about how much the Air Strikes had crippled their ability to combat the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. He said that they could not drive or operate in the open at all because they would be targeted from the air before they could reach their attack point. Even in retreat they couldn't move because of the accuracy of the air strikes. He said that he knew as soon as the strikes started that their equipment would be destroyed and right afterwards the Iraqi's or the Peshmerga would be coming.

The targets damaged or destroyed included:

- 58 tanks;

- 184 HMMWVs, the highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled vehicles known as Humvees;

- 26 armored personnel vehicles;

- 303 technical vehicles;

- 394 other vehicles;

- 79 artillery, anti-aircraft weapons or mortars;

- 41 staging areas;

- 11 improvised explosive device positions;

- 16 command posts;

- 92 checkpoints;

- 17 guard shacks;

- 980 other buildings or barracks;

- 673 fighting positions;

- 52 bunkers;

- 14 boats;

- 23 stockpiles;

- 259 oil infrastructure sites.

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