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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Syria: Army of Islam Launches Anti Drug & Corruption Campaign

Zahran Alloush Army of Islam Leader

Shiekh Zahran Alloush, leader of Jaish Al- Islam, military commander of Islamic Front announced On Sunday January 4th an operation in the Douma and Ghouta area of Damascus countryside to quell corruption and drug trafficking. The army of Islam capture Abu Ali khebiah, who they consider "the head of a corrupt armed group" in Ghouta. They also arrested a number of other members and leaders from Jaish Al Umma on Monday claiming that they were arrested for drug smuggling and other criminal offenses. When asked what their fate would be the spokesman for Jaish Al-Islam said that they would all stand trial for their crimes.

Quote from Zahran Alloush Regarding the FSA

Meanwhile the Free Syrian Army did not take it the same way as Alloush portrayed things. The FSA in return declared war on Jaish Al-Islam and accused them of treason. They threatened to kill Alloush supporters wherever they were found if they did not stop their attacks on Al-Umma Army. This appears to be a trend of conflicts and smaller wars within the main conflict in Syria.

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