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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

7 ISIS Fighters Killed In New ISF Operation In Southern Anbar Province To Remove ISIS


The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced that 7 ISIS militants have been killed during the beginning of military operation in Southern Anbar Province. The announcement stated that Iraqi army troops of the Anbar Operations Command managed to kill 7 and would five others in Salam Neighborhood near the district of Al-Fallujah.

 Also yesterday the head of the Al Anbar police General Kazim Al-Fahdawy announced that a curfew is in place until further notice in the city of Ramadi. He pointed out that an extensive military operation has begun to remove ISIS from the City. Al Fahdawy stated " The curfew has coincided with the operation by the Army forces along with local police elements and the Golden Division units backed by tribal fighters in order to liberate the entire city from the ISIS group."

Across many areas of Iraq the ISF along with Shia Militias and Tribal fighters have been on the offensive recently. Just last week  they announced complete liberation of Diyala province from ISIS militants. Meanwhile they are pushing towards Mosul as well with assistance from Kurdish Peshmerga forces and US Air Power in anticipation of an upcoming offensive to reclaim the city from the ISIS terrorist organization.

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