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Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 Yezidi Girls Escape In Sinjar From ISIS Captivity, 4000 Remain.

Map Of Northern Iraq and Kurdistan

On Saturday 3 Yezidi Girls managed to escape from their ISIS captors and flee to Peshmerga front lines in Sinjar. While this is a blessing there are still an estimated 4000 Yezidi held captive by ISIS terrorists.

In June ISIS terrorists overran Iraq's second largest city of Mosul and surrounding towns and villages. During these onslaughts the militants took thousands of Yezidis (a Kurdish minority) captive and murdered hundreds as well.

Men and boys of fighting age were told to convert to Islam and join the ISIS terrorist group. Those who did not were murdered on the spot. Women and girls were given to fighters as gifts to become sex slaves for their new owners. Some girls and women were transported to Syria and Fallujah and sold as slaves at market according to videos and photos circulated on social media. ISIS rather than denying this took ownership and justified it as "war booty" according to their twisted interpretation of Islam.

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