Sunday, June 28, 2015

Map and analysis Of Kobane Situation As Of June 28th

The map above made by Chuck Pfarrer illustrates the Situation in Kobane after the surprise attack by ISIS on Friday.

Two main dynamics of this attack are what strategic value does it have for ISIS and how were they able to coordinate such an attack without Turkish authorities being aware.

ISIS was dressed as YPG and FSA soldiers when they launched their assault. It would appear one strategy was to sow distrust between FSA and YPG. There were even some bogus rumors started by ISIS supporters that some of the FSA in kobane defected and joined ISIS during the assault. These rumors are unfounded and pure propaganda.

This attack was pure terrorism. ISIS came to murder as many civilians as they could to sow fear in the hearts of the citizens of Kobane. To show that they have the ability to strike at anytime and that Kurds will never be safe in their homes. This also tries to force the YPG to reposition troops and slow their onward trek into ISIS strongholds and eventually Raqqa itself.

ISIS will not succeed from a military standpoint but as terrorists many residents of Kobane will live in fear for the time being. The YPG and FSA as well as  the coalition will become more determined to eradicate this vile enemy. Such an enemy that assaults a city just to murder children as they sleep can not be given any room to breath or any time to think. The fronts against ISIS must continue to expand and this horrific enemy must be defeated once and for all. They are not just an enemy of Kurds. They're the enemy of every human who wants to be free and secure.

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