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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kurdish Forces Continue Offensive Against ISIS In Northeast Syria

The Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) continue advancing at the expense of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in the villages located between the towns of Tel Brak and Tel Hamis, in the southern countryside of Qamishli, in northeastern Syria.

Kurdish activist Farhad Hassan said that fierce clashes broke out between the YPG fighters and IS insurgents in the area between the towns of Tel Brak and Tel Hamis, after the YPG’s announcement of launching what they described as “the liberation campaign” of the region’s villages and towns.
“The YPG fighters were able to control a number of villages on the line between the towns of Tel Hamis and Tel Brak, after battles with Islamists, caused heavy losses in the group’s ranks, as well as seizing military equipment,” Hassan added, citing sources from the PYG’s ranks. 
The YPG’s Media Center announced on Monday that their units were able to storm the Information Center of the IS terrorists in the village of Hamdi near the town of Tel Brak, seizing 12 computers, two electricity generators and a number of regulatory documents. 
The Kurdish forces were able to achieve remarkable progress against IS militants in the countryside of Hasakah province during the last few days. The group withdrew to the areas of al-Hola and Shaddadi (the main strongholds in Hasakah province) after heavy clashes with the Kurdish forces –which were supported by the U.S.-led international coalition’s warplanes.

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