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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hezbollah Sets Up Surface To Air Missiles In Iraq To Target U.S. Jets

The Shia militia Khataib Hezbollah which is the Iraqi branch of the Iranian terror group Hezbollah has set up surface to air missiles in Iraq to shoot down U.S. jets. The group is claiming that U.S. jets have been dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS and blame that for the slow advance through Tikrit.

 This video is in Arabic but shows them setting up the missiles to be used against U.S. jets operating in Iraq.

This article quoting Hezbollah commanders on the situation which I have translated below:

Announced a military commander in the Islamic resistance - Hezbollah Brigades, the publication of a modern and developed missiles, anti-aircraft systems in all battlefields front confrontation totals Daash criminal.
He said the military commander in touch with the reporter (official battalions site) that "the missile system, which has been published in the breakers operations will target all aircraft if they have been monitored and provides assistance to groups Daash criminal or its pounding military units of the Iraqi army and factions of the Islamic Resistance."
He added that "violations of the so-called" international coalition "many and caused numerous violations in hit the headquarters of the Iraqi army and police and federal sites for the factions of the Islamic Resistance, claimed the lives of dozens of dead and wounded, as well as help them to Daash criminal and military support them with weapons and ammunition, or the transfer of leadership from one place to another. "
He pointed out that "The purpose of the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles goal of preserving the lives of the children of our troops for the armed protection of Iraqi assets, and to prevent and stop helping Daash, stressing that any aircraft belonging to the alliance's alleged will be under fire missiles line and our system of anti-aircraft if they tried to hit military units or have been monitored to provide support and assistance to Daash. "
The Hezbollah Brigades had announced (02/21/2015) its intention to deploy missiles developed anti-helicopters in all military Cutters confrontation to Daash, "asserting that" the missiles to be deployed in the streets of the front headlights with Daash been recently modernized and developed and will be able to shoot down all types of helicopters. "
The Islamic Resistance - Hezbollah Brigades managed to shoot down a US helicopter in dignity showdown with the US occupation of Iraq (31/07/2007) and crashed the entire east of the capital Baghdad. "

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