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Saturday, March 7, 2015

An ISIS Fighters Battle Story

The Enemies Attack

You wake up, and start to freshen up, the brothers are still a sleep, you give salaam to those who are awake, after freshening up you go back to your quarter and you then hear the radio and there is a lot talking and you can just about make out that the brothers are getting attacked.

I run out, heart starting to race, you ask the ameer is everything ok, are brothers getting attacked? he responds 'yes', 'grab your vest and weopons, you, you, you, you and you lets go.

You run to your room, you get ready, heart is pumping, you wake all the ikhwa, get ready enemies are attacking, you jump in the pick up truck, all ready, adrenaline kicking in, bit confused as to exactly what has happened, we drive off, through the dirt tracks, dust in the air, your making dhikr and lots of dua, you notice the locals are all looking at one direction, the direction we are heading, its a sign things have already kicked off.

We continue to drive, a massive explosion is heard in background, Allahu Akbar, the fighting is taking place, we see some ikhwa, we pull up, we jump out, gun shots heard, explosion in background, this is not the point of fighting but we leave some weopons here for the brothers and they start to take up position. 

We jump back in the truck, we continue to move, Allahu Akbar explosions everywhere, driving through, we trying to get to to brothers who are surrounded, sitting in the back of the truck, the journey is bumpy, you see the enemies hitting us with rockets 1, 2, 3, 4 consecutive explosions, you realise they have grad rockets, they have come prepared this time.

We continue driving and we come under fire, no cover, us in the open, on the back of the truck, some brothers lay flat for cover, room is limited, gun off safety and you start to shoot blindly at direction you are getting hit from, bullets are raining down towards you, sounds of bullets wizzing passed you, things are getting crazy, the driver pulls up, off road and behind a house.  

The root to dangerous, the vehicle behind us continues to drive forth until he comes to next house and he pulls over, we start to shoot back at the enemies while they are firing at us like crazy, you look behind you at the village/city and you see the enemies hitting them with tanks, grads, and mortars. 

The vehicle that passed us drives back towards us and takes cover, Allahu Akbar one of the brothers is shot on the side of the chest, he is then taken for treatment, the atmosphere is crazy, enemy is fast approaching, brothers ahead of us are still surrounded.

We plan, we move, we need to help and support our brothers, we run between houses and small buildings while under fire, situation is tense, brothers are firm, we continue till we come to a house, some brothers are there, we regroup, and devise a plan, a small hill, lets go, two of us run to the hill, a strategic point, we get to see the enemy points, we get back down send another two brothers to take up position.  

The rest of us move, to a house further up where more ikhwa are, we run, snipers are shooting but Alhamdulillah we get to safety and take cover behind this house. Sniper is firing away, hitting the corner of the house, shots are close, you can hear tank firing towards our direction, grad missles towards our surrounding areas as ikwha are present, one of the bombs shakes the house we are taking cover behind, you can see the shrapnel shooting outwards, Alhamdulillah no one hurt.

We go in the house for better view, you can hear shouts of the enemy, and then you see them, Allahu Akbar the enemy is like 100mtr in front, you can hear the BMV behind the houses in front, you see the enemies running from one house to another, gun of safety and you start shooting, the aiming is accurate but not hitting the moving targets, the machine gun is used, firing away the sounds of the shooting all over is deafening, we take turns shooting away at the enemies. 

You hear the BMV close, you can see the smoke rising from the vehicle, you shout for the RPG to be ready, come in sight and your gnna get blasted, but the BMV doesnt come out in the open, the fighting continues.

Im shooting away, adrenaline pumping and then a thumping feeling to the face, the lights go out, a rush of pain, the feeling of blood filling your throat, the sound of blood guzzling away, blood starts to pour out of you ears, you turn, a state of shock, confusion although you know exactly what just happened, you fall to the ground, blood is pouring everywhere. 

You realise no one else is in the room, you start to call 'YA IKHWA YA IKHWA' and then you start uttering the shahada, going in and out of consciousness, breathing is difficult, you blackout and then you wake, ikhwa are around you, brothers holding you, giving words of comfort, words which remind you of Allah, you make istighfar, you make dua, you utter your shahada, but deep down you dont feel this is the moment you been waiting for, this is not your time for shahada although Allah knows best. 

The Battle continues but my battle ends, and my journey to recovery starts.

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