Sunday, February 8, 2015

ISIS Has Executed At Least 688 Iraqis So Far In 2015

Since the beginning of 2015 ISIS Has Executed At least 688 Iraqis. Most of these are civilians accused of crimes from spying to apostasy and homosexuality. Many of them were women who are doctors that either refused to treat ISIS fighters or protested against wearing the Islamic veil while treating patients.

A large number of police and tribal Sawat forces were also executed during this time period. Below is a list of the cities and numbers of executions that have been carried out year to date by ISIS.

Fallujah: 190 (36 Were Sawat Fighters)
Karma:   49
Mosul:    87 (12 Were women 10 doctors)
Salahuddin: 47 (39 Police Officers)
Alam:   8
Hamam Al-Alil: 20
Tikrit:   90 (40 Police)
Shirqat: 17
Zab:  1
Muqdadiya: 4
Yarmouk: 13
Qayyara:  4
Ramadi: 8
Sinjar: 56 (A portion likely to be Peshmerga)
Baji:  10
Barwanah: 70
Al-Dour: 5
Here:  3
Maria:  6

Actual numbers may be much higher. These figures are derived from confirmed reports by . It is very hard to confirm figures from within ISIS held territory.

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