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Saturday, February 21, 2015

80% Of Al Shabaab Suicide Bombers Are From U.S. Or Europe

List Of American Suicide Bombers In Shabaab Since 2009

 Luuley Ahmed from the Netherlands was the suicide bomber for yesterday's attack at Hotel central that left 20 dead in Mogadishu. She was a Dutch citizen of Somali origin and a  mother of 5 who had been working at the hotel for 6 months.

Her husband was Ismail Muse who was the mastermind of the suicide bombing at the hotel Maka-almukarama that left 10 dead in 2013. He was confirmed to be the 2nd bomber in yesterday's attack.

This is following a scary trend of American and European Somalis who are returning to their country of origin to join the AlShabaab terrorist group.

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