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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reports Circulating That Kobane Has Been Liberated

Painting Portrays Kurdish Fighter

Reports have circulated around social media that the city of Kobane has been liberated of ISIS terrorists. On Sunday morning a YPG commander made an announcement that Kobane would soon be cleansed of ISIS.

Hours later Kurdish TV Gali Kurdistan quotes a Peshmerga commander in Kobane "ISIS have been uprooted from the city". If this turns out to be true it will be a huge victory for the Kurds as well as the coalition. This will further prove that air strikes combined with an effective fighting force on the ground can be successful in routing ISIS from Iraqi and Syrian cities. It will also be a moral boost for the men that will participate in the upcoming assault on Mosul.

Over the past week the YPG supported by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and U.S. Air strikes have succeeded in pushing ISIS out of key areas in Kobane. They fully liberated Mishtenur Hill as well as a key hospital and schools in the city.

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