Saturday, January 31, 2015

Compilation Of Pictures From The Battle Of Kobane

Kurds watch  fighting in Kobane From Turkish side of the border.

Kurdish Women Prepare To Defend Their Homes In Kobane

YPG And FSA Fighters Get Ready To Face ISIS In Kobane

ISIS Fighters In Kobane

Kurdish YPG Engaging ISIS On Front Lines In Kobane

ISIS Fighters Engaging Kurdish Forces With PKM Machine Gun and RPG In Kobane

Kobane Residents And YPG Fighters Flock To Kobane To Join The Fight

ISIS Captures Strategic Hill In Kobane And Plants Their Flag

Kurdish Fighter On Front Lines In Kobane

U.S. Air Strike Removes ISIS Fighters And Flag From Strategic Hill

Kobane Refugees Celebrate U.S. Air Strikes On ISIS Positions In Kobane

Nighttime Air Strikes In Kobane

U.S. B1 Flying High Over Kobane

U.S. Jets Join The Fight Against ISIS In Kobane

U.S. Air Strikes Hit ISIS Positions In Kobane

Kurdish Women Of YPJ Prepare To Face ISIS

U.S. Air Strike Decimated ISIS Fighters And Vehicles In Kobane

U.S. B1 Breaking Sound Barriers Over Kobane

Kurdish Fighter Shows Victory Sign After Fight With ISIS In Kobane

          U.S. Air Strike Flattens ISIS Building In Kobane

Footage From U.S. Jets Carrying Out Air Strikes Against ISIS In Kobane

 ISIS Fighter Lies Under Rubble After The House He Tried To Steal Is Flattened By U.S. Air Strikes

British Journalist And ISIS Prisoner John Cantlie Reports From ISIS Held Kobane

FSA Fighters Engaging ISIS In Kobane
Peshmerga Unit In Kobane
Peshmerga Fighter Prepares To Fire 120MM Mortar Rounds At ISIS Positions
Peshmerga Artillery Arriving In Kobane
Peshmerga Forces Arriving In Kobane
Peshmerga Roll Call In Kobane
Peshmerga Launching 107MM Rockets At ISIS Positions
 U.S. Air Drops Weapons And Supplies To Kurdish Forces On The Ground In Kobane

 One U.S. Weapons And Supplies Drop Misses Its Target And Ends Up In ISIS Hands

U.S. Humvee Captured By ISIS In Iraq Being Used In Kobane

 Kurdish Fighter Walks Through Rubble In Kobane After U.S. Air Strike Destroys ISIS Held Building

 YPG Captures U.S. Humve From ISIS

 Peshmerga Fighter Mans Mobile Rocket Launcher
 Kurdish Fighter Stands Next To U.S. Humvee Captured From ISIS

ISIS Fighters Launching RPG Rounds At Kurdish Forces

 ISIS Fighters On Front Lines In Kobane

ISIS Fighters Engaging Kurdish Forces In Kobane

 U.S. Air Strike Destroys ISIS Operated T72 Tank

YPG Captures U.S. Tank From ISIS Fighters In Kobane 

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