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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ISIS Losses Mount Across Iraq, 30 Killed In Fallujah Operation While 19 Killed In Kirkuk Airstrikes

Overnight Monday the US led coalition carried out air strikes on 5 ISIS targets in the areas of Al-Zab and Makhoul in the district of Al-Hawija, Located Southwest of Kirkuk. The Airstrikes resulted in the death of 19 ISIS militants including a Pakistani national and an ISIS mid level Commander named Hasan Sawallaway.

This is the 2nd straight day that coalition jets targeted this part of Iraq. Just yesterday airstrikes in the same vicinity killed 35 ISIS fighters. An Iraqi Military official issued a statement regarding the strikes saying "The air strikes were very accurate and have reached for the first time remote areas that Daesh has been using to train new fighters and prepare elements to carry out suicide attacks."

On Tuesday a security officer from the Anbar Operations Command said that 30 ISIS militants were killed during violent clashes with the Iraqi Army in Fallujah. The officer stated that Iraqi SWAT forces conducted a counter terror operation against ISIS in Al-Ma'arid, Al-Na'imiyah and Albu-Hadid located in Fallujah. The operation resulted in killing 30 ISIS militants and destroying an armored vehicle belonging to ISIS.

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