Thursday, January 1, 2015

Half Of Sinjar Under Peshmerga Control

Embattled Town Of Sinjar

On Wednesday BASNEWS reported that the Kurdish Peshmerga had pushed further into Sinjar and now control half of the town.

The Peshmerga commander in Sinjar Ashti Kocher said that they had freed the main hospital and also located dozens of dead bodies belonging to ISIS. The United States continues to carry out air strikes on ISIS bases and positions in Sinjar, Bahaj and Tal Afar in coordination with Peshmerga forces on the ground.

Sinjar is the site of where the U.S. began its air campaign against the ISIS terrorist organization. In August after the terrorist group seized Mosul they laid siege to Mt. Sinjar forcing thousands of Kurdish Yezidis to flee their homes and take refuge hiding on the mountain as ISIS terrorists fired on them from below. The United States took action striking ISIS positions and allowing Kurdish forces to clear a path and evacuate some of the besieged and frightened men women and children trapped on the mountain.

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