Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 112 In Kobane: Kurdish Forces Continue Push Against ISIS

Kurdish Fighters In Kobane

On day 112 in Kobane fighting raged on as YPG forces continued their push to clear ISIS from the city. As the fighting raged away from the center of the city some residents began to return to their homes in already liberated areas.

Heavy clashes broke out in the Kudiya Kurdan neighborhood between YPG and ISIS militants. Witnesses on the Turkish side of the border observing the fighting said that they saw ISIS units fleeing Kudiya Kurdan along the railway and reentering at Mazat Dawud.

Mutlu Civiraglu interviewed YPG commander Berxweden recently who discussed recent operations in Kobane. Here is a brief excerpt of the interview:

Most recently, the Mekteba Resh [Black School] where the ISIS thugs were deployed and carried out attacks from, and several other strategic points were liberated by us three days ago. A number of thugs were killed and their ammunition were seized by us. That’s why our fighters are in high morale and do firmly believe they will triumph.
Mahmud Berxwedan
Mahmud Berxwedan
What is the strategic importance of the liberated Black School and the other strategic points on the path to victory?
The area of the Black School and other points we took control over, divides Kobane into two sides. From Mishtenur Hill extends a line to the border and under the hill and above at the 48th Street there is a pool, from where dominance can be gained over the western and eastern sides. The strategic importance of this area is very great. When ISIS thugs were there, they could see each side of the city both with naked eye and with binoculars. We can say that we have been able to liberate this point from the ISIS thugs completely and now it is in our hands.
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