Monday, December 22, 2014

Partners in war become partners in peace

From Erbil to Kurdistan the various Kurdish factions of security forces have proven to be a trusted partner in the fight against ISIS. A population of people that suffered massacres at the hands of Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons attacks. These strong people who love and fight for freedom are not only partners in war but also partners for the U.S. in peace and prosperity.

Besides Israel the Kurdish people are the only true friends that America has had in the middle east. They have a bustling economy in Erbil with over 100 U.S.companies engaged in business from energy to finance and security. Not only are they friendly to the U.S. they are also not hostile towards Israel. When countries worldwide were declining to purchase Kurdish oil because of threats from Baghdad Israel was a buyer.

The Iraqi army was funded and equipped by the U.S. military for the past decade and they folded under the first engagement with a hostile force. They fled and left behind tanks, armored vehicles and tons of ammunition and artillery. Meanwhile our friends in Kurdistan stood toe to toe with ISIS while not having a fraction of the weapons and equipment that the Iraqi army had.

The United States needs to support the Kurdish people in their fight for freedom and their mission to become an independent state. Our values are identical, we believe in freedom and equality for all. The people of Kurdistan are the only nation in the middle east besides Israel where all citizens including women are treated equally in society, government and military. When I meet and speak with Kurdish friends its apparent that they are similar to us and it makes your heart bleed for them when they suffer through daily atrocities from terror organizations.

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