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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kurdish Forces Make Progress In Sinjar 12/24/2014

The Sinjar Region was flooded with Peshmerga fighters over the past week pushing ISIS out of the town and clearing a path for yezidis to escape from Mt. Sinjar.

Today the Kurdish Peshmerga pushed deeper into the town of Sinjar. The push has been slow as ISIS snipers and explosive ordinances left behind as booby traps have caused trouble for the Kurdish soldiers. But the Kurdish fighters have pressed on and continue to kick ISIS out of the town of Sinjar as many flee back to Syria

As many of the fighters have began to flee reports have been coming in across twitter from both Kurdish accounts and pro ISIS accounts of a contingent of possibly 1500 ISIS fighters planning a counterattack to retake this area. Kurdish activists also reported US air strikes targeting ISIS positions and vehicles attempting put a swift end to the ISIS counterattack.

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